February 28, 2016 - Tradewinds Park

March 13, 2016 - Tradewinds Park

April 24, 2016 - Quiet Waters Park

May 22, 2016 - Quiet Waters

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Broward County Junior Bass Trail Small Boat Tournament Trail

Bass Fishing Kids, Inc.

The Little League of Bass Fishing


  Registration Fee - $85 per team covers all 4 tournaments

  Only 1 angler (Child) & 1 observer (Adult - 18 years old or above) per boat.

  Child's Age 12-17

  Boats must check in before putting into the water

  Tournament Hours - Safe Light - 1 p.m.

  5 Bass per angler

  Size Limit - 12 inch

  No Gas Motors can be used during tournament.

  Gas powered motors can only be used to take boat off trailer and to put back on the trailer.

  Short fish 1 pound penalty

  Dead fish penalty - 2 oz.

  Only one rod in the water at a time.

  Only artificial lures

  All boats must carry US Coast Guard approved safety equipment (Life Jackets)

  Decisions of the Tournament Director are final.