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1/11/20 Quiet Waters Park
2/29/20 C.B. Smith Park
**POSTPONED** 3/21/20 Tradewinds Park **POSTPONED**
4/4/20 C.B. Smith Park
5/9/20 Quiet Waters Park
6/13/20 Tradewinds Park
7/??/20* Date and Location TBD

(*Parent/Child Tournament)
8/1/20 C.B. Smith Park (Wildcard)
9/19/20 Quiet Waters Park (Classic)



**Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and for the health and safety of everyone, we have decided to postpone our March 21, 2020 Tradewinds Park Tournament. We will make every attempt to schedule another date and keep you all posted on our website and social media accounts. Thank you for your patience as we journey this time of uncertainty together.